Zerostone Mine (KartRider)

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Zerostone Mine (Mine)

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Abbr. Mine

Zerostone Mine (Korean: 제로스톤 광산; Zerostone Mine), abbreviated as Mine, is a track theme in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Mine tracks take place in mining areas, both above- and underground. They typically contain many minecart tracks and conveyor belts and may even include volcanic regions.


The following characters are associated with the Mine theme:


The following items are associated with the Mine theme:


  • Gem Stope (보석채굴장)
  • Zigzag Downhill (꼬불꼬불 다운힐)
  • Sputtering Lava Cave (뽀글뽀글 용암굴)
  • Falling Cataract (떨어지는 폭포수)
  • Collapsing Gold Mine (무너지는 금광)
  • Risky Tram (아슬아슬 궤도 전차)
  • Roller Coaster Speed (롤러코스터 질주)
  • Dangerous Refinery (위험한 제련소)

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 제로스톤 광산 (rr: Jaeroseuton Gwangsan; transl: Zerostone Mine)