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Img character14.gif
Su in Crazy Arcade

Gender Female
Species Human
Debuted in Crazy Arcade
Hometown Boom Hill
Date introduced • 2011 or 2012 [KOR]
Stats • Count: 2/9
• Blast: 1/7
• Speed: 6/10

Su (Korean: ; Su) is a character in the Crazy Arcade series.


Physical appearance[edit]

Su is a girl. She is dressed in blue attire and has long, gray hair. She is described as being very beautiful and charming.


Su is said to be mysterious.

In the video games[edit]


Su's PopTag! stats

Su was introduced to the Crazy Arcade series in either 2011 or 2012, making her the first playable character to have been introduced in the game (excluding alternate forms of existing characters, such as Posh Evie). She is most likely playable only after being purchased for Cash. According to the official Korean website, her area of specialty is Speed. Her stats are:

  • Count: 2/9
  • Blast: 1/7
  • Speed: 6/10

In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: (RR: Su; transl.: Su)