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Special Points, or SP, are individually awarded to players for meeting certain achievements.

Types of SPs[edit]

  • Cruise Missile (크루즈 미사일): A shark with a 'C'. (Item Mode)
  • Defense (디펜스): A shield with an 'S'. Protect yourself with Shields a number of times. (Item Mode?)
  • Drift King (드리프트 왕): An arrow in a u-turn. (Speed Mode?)
  • Driver Jjang (드라이버 짱): A yellow star. Finish in 1st place. (all modes)
  • Sad Retire (아쉬운 리타이어): A purple medal with an 'F'. (all modes)
  • Subsequent Retire (연속 리타이어): A purple symbol with a kneeling figure.
  • Fire Hawk: A fire hawk. Obtain one in Speed Mode. (Speed Mode?)
  • Level Up: Level up. (all modes)
  • Machine Gun (격추 짱): A machine gun. (Chaser Mode?)
  • Missile (희피의 다린): A rocket. (Chaser Mode?)
  • Perfect (퍼펙트): Get a Perfect Win. (all modes)
  • Revenge (복수의 화신): A red glove. (Chaser Mode, Item Mode?)
  • X Skull: A skull with an 'X'. (Item Mode?)