Skyville (AirRider)

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Skyville (Korean: 스카이빌; Skyville) is a track theme in AirRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Skyville tracks take place within a floating civilization in the sky.

List of tracks[edit]

  • Airport (에어포트)
  • Jaena Express (제나익스프레스)
  • Jaena's Room (제나의 방)
  • Light's Garden (빛의 정원)
  • High-Speed Tunnel (고속터널)
  • Sky Waterfall (공중폭포)
  • Two Towers (두개의 탑)

In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 스카이빌 (rr: Seu'ka'i'bil; transl: Skyville)