Sign of Fantariny (KartRider)

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Sign of Fantariny (Nymph)

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Abbr. Nymph

Sign of Fantariny (Korean: 판타리니 요정의 문장; Sign of Fantariny), abbreviated as Nymph, is a track theme in KartRider. Sign of Fantariny tracks take place in mythical nighttime settings.

List of tracks[edit]

  • Nymph Invitation to the Nymph Village (님프 요정 마을의 초대) 2/5
  • Nymph Sea Shrine's Secret (님프 바다 신전의 비밀) 3/5 (Speed only)
  • Nymph Snail's Log Shortcut (님프 달팽이의 통나무 지름길) 3/5
  • Nymph Moon's Garden (님프 달의 정원) 3/5

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