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Gender Male
Species Turtle

Saver (Korean: 세이버) is a character from the Crazy Arcade series.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Saver is a turtle, depicted usually as bipedal and occasionally as quadrupedal. His flesh is yellow, and his shell is green. He sports a green aviator's cap.

In DaoBazzi Boom Hill Uproar[edit]

Saver is a primary character in the television series, DaoBazzi Boom Hill Uproar.

In AirRider[edit]

In AirRider, Saver is a pilot instructor who guides the player through the game tutorial and tests. He gifts a Saber airmobile, making it the first airmobile available to the player. He can also be found at the far east end of Boomhill Square. In 2-Player Chasing Mode, if a player is riding a duo airmobile by him- or herself, a cardboard cutout of Saver will substitute the empty seat.