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The Santa Team is an AI-controlled opponent team in KartRider's Battle Mode. It can only be selected during the holiday season, although it may appear in Champions Mode as well as in regular Battle Mode if the map is selected as Random. The team consists of a villainous Santa Claus and three of his reindeer.


  • Santa (leader): [Reindeer Kart]
  • Rudolph: A reindeer with cute eyes. [Reindeer Kart]
  • Vixen: A reindeer with angry eyes. [Reindeer Kart]
  • Prancer: A reindeer wearing sunglasses. [Reindeer Kart]

Special attack[edit]

The Santa Team covers all human players' screens with bright snowy fogs that temporarily obstruct vision and slightly slow the players' speeds. Goggles do not prevent the fog from blinding a player.


Tips and strategies[edit]