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The Pirate Team (Korean: 해적 팀) is an AI-controlled opponent team in KartRider's Battle Mode. The team is based on the Pirate theme.


  • Lodumani (Korean: 로두마니) (Leader): A middle-aged, male pirate captain. [Schooner kart]
  • Tutu (Korean: 투투): A male pirate with a curly mustache. [Cannon Kart]
  • Mobi (Korean: 모비): A young pirate boy with a helmet adorned with a skull and bones. [Cannon Kart]
  • Pirate Member (Korean: 해적단원): A male pirate wearing a bandana. [Cannon Kart]

Special attack[edit]

The Pirate Team summons bombs that float over the players' heads. It can be defused by alternately tapping the right and left arrow keys a certain number of times. If the player fails to do so, the bomb will explode, and he or she will be thrown into the air as if he or she were hit by a Template:Item.

Tips and strategies[edit]