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colspan="2" class="infoTitle" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/1;" | Pirate 14

Pirate 14.png
Pirate 14 with all blocks in their original state

class="infoLabel" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/2;" | Game type class="infoData" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/3;" | Normal
class="infoLabel" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/2;" | Theme class="infoData" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/3;" | Pirate
class="infoLabel" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/2;" | Maximum players class="infoData" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/3;" | 8
class="infoLabel" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/2;" | Availability class="infoData" style="background-color: #Template:Color Pirate/3;" | • Yes [KOR]
• Yes [NA]

Pirate 14 is a map in PopTag!.


Pirate 14 is mainly composed of soft blocks (some pushable) and contains much open space after the blocks are destroyed. The map is horizontally symmetrical; near each corner is an unbreakable pole, and at the center is a large flag structure, interestingly enough, can be jumped over.

Spawn points[edit]

Rows: A-M Columns: 1-15

  • A6
  • A10
  • F2 (E2?)
  • F14 (E14?)
  • H5
  • H11
  • M2 (M3?)
  • M14 (M13?)




Tips and strategies[edit]

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In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 해적14 (RR: Hae'jeok14; transl.: Pirate 14), 패트릿14 (RR: Pae'teu'rit14; transl.: Patrit 14)