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Abbr. Pirate

Pirate (Korean: 붐남해의 해적; Pirate) is a track theme in KartRider. As their names suggest, Pirate tracks take place in tropical islands, ships, and other pirate-themed settings.


The following characters are associated with the Pirate theme:

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The following items are associated with the Pirate theme:


  • Hairbreadth Exodus (위기일발 대탈출) 2/5
  • Exciting High Sky Flying (짜릿한 고공비행) 2/5
  • Battle of Robi Cliff (로비 절벽의 전투) 3/5
  • Storm's Race (폭풍 속의 질주) 3/5
  • Hidden Treasure (숨겨진 보물) 4/5
  • Whirly Wharf (어질어질 부둣가) 3/5
  • Seizing the Pirate Ship's Treasure (해적선 보물탈취) 3/5
  • Steep Watchtower (가파른 감시탑) 3/5

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