Park Myeong-su

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Caustic Park Myeong-su

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Also known as Park Myung-soo, Park Myung-su, Park Myeong-soo, Bak Myeong-su
Age Template:Age (born August 27, 1970[1])
Gender Male
Species Human
Debuted in N/A
Hometown South Korea
Affiliations Infinite Challenge
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• No  [NA]

Park Myeong-su (Korean: 가성 박명수) is a real-life South Korean comedian known for his role in television show Infinite Challenge (Muhan Dojeon). He was introduced to KartRider along with five other members of Infinite Challenge.

Design and characteristics[edit]

In KartRider, Park Myeong-su is portrayed as a caricature of his real-life self.

In KartRider[edit]

Park Myeong-su is a playable character in KartRider. He can be purchased at the shop.

In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 거성 박명수 (RR: Ga'seong Bak Myeong-su; transl.: Caustic Park Myeong-su)

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