Ocean 02

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Ocean 02

Ocean 02.png
Ocean 02 with all blocks in their original state

Game type Normal
Theme Ocean
Maximum players 8
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• Yes [NA]

Ocean 02 is a map in PopTag!.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Ocean 02's layout is very simple, having a cross-hatch pattern with hard stones separating the rows and columns. At each side, two pushable conch shells divide player spawn points. All other soft blocks are standard blocks with identical sea wave patterns. Seaweed and starfish ornament some of the stone blocks, and the floor purely consists of blue water-like tiles, giving the map the appearance of taking place underwater.


  • Sea wave (soft, non-pushable, one-hit), x145
  • Conch shell (soft, pushable, one-hit), x8
  • Stone, plain (hard), x30
  • Stone, seaweed (hard), x6
  • Stone, starfish (hard), x6


  • Water Balloon
  • Water Flask
  • Roller Skates
  • Octopus
    • Octopus (Slow)
    • Octopus (Fast)

Spawn points[edit]

Rows: A-M Columns: 1-15

  • A1
  • A8
  • A15
  • G1
  • G8
  • G15
  • M1
  • M8
  • M15

Tips and strategies[edit]

Template:Project strategy

In other languages[edit]

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  • Korean: