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Abbr. Northeu

Northeu (Korean: 노르테유; Northeu) is a track theme in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Northeu tracks take place in futuristic extraterrestrial settings with an abundance of speed boosts, springs, and other technology. Many of the tracks come in shades of purple, though colors vary by area.


The following characters are associated with the Northeu theme:


The following items are associated with the Northeu theme:


  • Dangerous Shortcut (위험한 지름길) 3/5
  • Cosmoway (코스모웨이) 3/5
  • Forked Road in the Sky (허공의 갈림길) 3/5
  • Spaceship Infiltration (우주선 침투) 3/5
  • Express (익스프레스) 4/5
  • BoongBoong Jump (붕붕 점프) 2/5
  • Booster Zone Occupation Plan (부스터존 점령작전) 2/5
  • Distant Planet (행성 저 멀리) 2/5
  • Space Station (우주정거장) 2/5
  • Combat Airfield (전투비행장) 3/5
  • Escape from the Suffocating Tunnel (숨막히는 터널 탈주) 2/5

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