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Mystpole Factory (Factory)

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Abbr. Factory

Mystpole Factory (Korean: 미스트폴 팩토리; Mystpole Factory), abbreviated as Factory, is a track theme in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

As their names suggest, Factory tracks take place in colorful, industrial factory settings with an abundance of robots, conveyor belts, and other machinery. Many of the machines, such as the vacuum-cleaning octopuses and bubble-carrying robots, act as obstacles to racers. Factory tracks also tend to have a high amount of moving terrain in the form of conveyor belts and rotating rooms.


The follow characters are associated with the Factory theme:


The follow items are associated with the Factory theme:


  • Brodi's Temper (브로디의 심술)
  • Threat of the Giant Cogs (거대탑니의 위협)
  • Clamorous Turmoil (우당탕 대소동)
  • Venture's Beginning (모험의 시작)
  • Unfinished Zone 5 (미완성 5구역)
  • The Nitrous Boost Producer's Secret (부스터 제작의 비밀)
  • Expedition at the Booby Trap Factory (부비트랩 공장 탐험)
  • Suspicious Steam Device (수상한 증기 장치)
  • Pinjeo's Dangerous Loading Station (핀저의 위험한 적재소)

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