Moonhill City (KartRider)

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Moonhill City (Moonhill)

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Abbr. Moonhill

Moonhill City (Korean: 문힐시티; Moonhill City), abbreviated as Moonhill, is a track theme in KartRider. Moonhill City tracks take place in urban nighttime settings. Some tracks also feature rain.


The following characters are associated with the Moonhill theme:

  • Neo (네오)
  • Retire Man 1 (리타이어맨1)
  • Retire Man 2 (리타이어맨2)
  • Retire Man 3 (리타이어맨3)
  • Rex (렉스)


The following items are associated with the Moonhill theme:

Battle Mode teams[edit]

The following teams in Battle Mode are associated with the Moonhill theme:


  • City's Two Faces (도시의 두얼굴) 3/5
  • Outlaw of the Tunnel (터널 속 무법자) 2/5
  • Speed in the Downpour (폭우속의 질주) 3/5
  • CautionCaution Railway (조심조심 기찻길) 2/5
  • Zippy's Unfinished Building (지피의 미완성 빌딩) 3/5
  • Hidden Underground Tunnel (숨겨진 지하터널) 3/5
  • CautionCaution Railway (Dead Zone) (조심조심 기찻길) 2/5

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