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Mobi KartRider.gif
Mobi in KartRider

Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations Lodumani
Abbreviated name MOBI
Associated themes Pirate
Character bonus • All but player retire in full room: RP +250%, Lucci +250%
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• Yes  [CHN]
• No  [NA]
Availability • Yes [KOR]

Mobi (Korean: 모비; Mobi) is a pirate boy who works under Lodumani. He has made several appearances as a playable character in video games.


Inspired by his pirate captain Lodumani, the young Mobi set a goal to become a captain one day himself. He worked hard in the pirate ship, carrying out manual labor duties. When Lodumani abandoned his crew to pursue other goals, a lonely Mobi entered kart racing to prove his worth.[1]

Design and characteristics[edit]

Mobi is a young male pirate. He dons a helmet with a prominent skull design and two horns on the sides. His clothes are primarily orange and white.

In KartRider[edit]

Mobi is a playable character in KartRider. He can be obtained through the shop. If the player has the Bonus Card equipped, then he or she will receive an RP bonus of +250% and a Lucci bonus of +250% whenever he or she finishes a race and everyone else retires. Mobi is also a member of the AI-controlled Pirate Team in Battle Mode, where he rides the Template:Kart kart.

In AirRider[edit]

Mobi is a playable character in AirRider. He is one of the eight characters that can be selected for a player to keep permanently when the player first creates an account.