Mechanic Disorder'S Attack (KartRider)

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Mechanic Disorder'S Attack (Mechanic)

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Abbr. Mechanic
Date introduced 2011 or 2012

Mechanic Disorder'S Attack (Korean: 메카닉 디스오더의 공격; Mechanic Disorder'S Attack), abbreviated as Mechanic, is a track theme in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Mechanic Disorder'S Attack tracks take place on a destroyed industrial setting.


The following characters are associated with the Mechanic theme:


The following items are associated with the Mechanic theme:


  • Forgotten Heart of the City (잊혀진 도시의 중심부) (2/5)
  • Into the Enemy's Fire (적의 포화속으로) (2/5)
  • To the Hidden Escape (숨겨진 탈출로) (2/5)

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 메카닉 디스오더의 공격 (rr: Me'ka'nik Di'seu'o'deo'ui Gong'gyeok; transl: Mechanic Disorder'S Attack)