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What is CrazyWiki?

Welcome to CrazyWiki! We’re an English-based community dedicated toward creating a comprehensive wiki about the Crazy Arcade franchise. Learn how to get started — you'll become a CrazyEditing WikiWriter in no time.

What exactly is Crazy Arcade? "Crazy Arcade" is the name of the original free Korean massive multiplayer online computer game (or FKMMOCG, whew!) featuring eight characters and a Bomberman-water balloon fusion concept that would soon explode into a popular franchise in South Korea. Crazy Arcade spawned many foreign versions in other East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. In early 2010, Nexon America launched the first ever English version of Crazy Arcade, under the name PopTag!. You can learn more about PopTag! at the official site.

Currently, we have 211 articles and 91 files on our wiki.

Main games: Crazy Arcade · KartRider · BubbleFighter · AirRider

Related companies: Lodumani Studio · Mplay · Nexon

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Did You Know...

  • ...that several characters received name changes from the North American KartRider in PopTag!?

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