Louis Arma's Castle (KartRider)

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Louis Arma's Castle (Castle)

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Abbr. Castle

Louis Arma's Castle (Korean: 대저택; Louis Arma's Castle), abbreviated as Castle, is a track theme in KartRider. As their names suggest, Louis Arma's Castle tracks take place in an enormous mansion. Many tracks are based on certain types of rooms found in homes, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

The mansion is owned by a wealthy character named Louis Arma.

List of tracks[edit]

  • BubbleBubble Kitchen (버블버블 키친) 2/5
  • Secret Cellar (대저택 은밀한 지하실) 2/5
  • Louis's Toy Heaven (대저택 루이의 장난감 천국) 3/5
  • Luxury GiantBathtub (대저택 럭셔리 거대욕조) 3/5
  • Louis's Hidden Secret Room (대저택 루이의 숨겨진 비밀 방) 3/5

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