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Lodumani Jr. (Korean: 로두마니Jr.; Lodumani Jr.) was a playable character in Dizzy Pang, one of the five games featured in the Korean version of Crazy Arcade.


Lodumani Jr. is presumably the son of Lodumani. He has black hair, thick eyebrows, and a mole on the right side of his nose. His clothes are adorned in skulls.

In the games[edit]

In Dizzy Pang[edit]

Lodumani Jr. was one of six playable characters in Dizzy Pang.


  • 체력: 3
  • 민첩: 2
  • 기술: 1

In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 로두마니Jr. (rr: RodumaniJr.; Lodumani Jr.)