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In AirRider, Items are objects that the player can use during a game in some manner. Many of the items can also be found in Kartrider, where they have similar effects.

List of items[edit]

General items[edit]

These items are found in all modes.

  • Shield (쉴드): Temporarily protects against an opponent's attack.
  • Tornado (회오리): If placed on the track, it will cause anyone who comes into contact with it to spin recklessly.
  • Cloud (구름): If placed on the track, it will obstruct the vision of players approaching it.
  • Booster (부스터): Temporarily increases speed. Can be used by either pressing the Control key or by tapping the up arrow key twice.
  • Missile (미사일): It will attack the player whom the user aims at. Missiles can be dodged by swerving at the right time.
  • Magnet (자석): It will pull the user to the player whom the user aims at.
  • Water Case-Shot (물산탄): It flies forward after a certain distance depending on how long the user holds the Control key. When it explodes, it releases bubbles within its range. Players who get struck become trapped in a bubble.
  • Water Fly (물파리): Chases after the opponent directly ahead of the user and entraps him or her in a bubble.
  • Stealth (스텔스): Temporarily hides the user from opponents' visions as well as their radars.
  • Saucer (우주선): Temporarily slows down the player in first place.

Revenge items[edit]

These items are revenge-based.

  • Glove (글러브): If the user is attacked by an opponent, the glove will strike back.

Team items[edit]

These items are found only in Team modes.

  • Saucer Interceptor (우주선 차단): Destroys any Saucers affecting the user or his or her teammates.
  • Angel (천사): Temporarily protects all members of the user's team from all attacks.
  • Padlock (자물쇠): Temporarily prevents all opponents from using items.

Cooperation-based items[edit]

These Team items must be built by collecting separate pieces with one's teammates.

  • Cruise Missile (크루즈 미사일): A very powerful missile that can be built by collecting three individual pieces (head, torso, fins) with one's teammates. Each of the three pieces can instead be used as regular items, acting as mines that explode after three seconds of being dropped onto the track.