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Hidden Catch is one of the five games offered by the Korean version of Crazy Arcade at some point in its history. It is the third to have been introduced, following BnB and Tetris. Hidden Catch featured the same ranking system as all the other games in its line.


Following BnB's success, the Korean version of Crazy Arcade was planned to be split into three modes of play: BnB, Tetris, and Hidden Catch. Hidden Catch was the third to be introduced to the line. Sometime after, Mplay restructured Crazy Arcade to remove Tetris and add Dizzy Pang (and possibly Bz). Hidden Catch was permanently removed from the game later on.


Hidden Catch gameplay

In Hidden Catch, players must travel through a sequence of various stages, each of which contain two extremely similar images adjacent to each other. There are five differences between each pair of images, and all of them must be found in order to advance to the next stage. Players control characters to walk over these images and must "stamp" the differences by standing on top of them and activating the stamps. If a player attempts to use the stamp at a location where there is no difference present, his or her character will stamp itself, causing a short delay. Occasionally, items may appear on the stage and can be picked up by players who touch them for use later on. The team to complete the final stage first wins the game.


Hidden Catch's main character roster is identical to that of BnB. However, it is unclear if Lodumani and Santa Claus are playable in Hidden Catch as well. Each character has distinct stats, which are divided into three categories: ???, Luck (leniency in distance from a correct stamping location), and Speed (movement speed).

  • Dao (다오; Dao)
  • Diz (디지니; Dizini)
  • Moss (모스; Mos)
  • Melvin (에띠; Ethi)
  • Evie (마리드; Marid)
  • Boz (배찌; Bazzi)
  • Ike (우니; Uni)
  • Plunk (케피; Kephi)

Map types[edit]

Maps are either categorized as Village or Mine.

  • Village: The entire screen is visible to the player.
  • Mine: Only a small circular area around the player is visible.


The following section is incomplete. You can help by adding information to this section. Italicized names denote unverified English names.

  • Angel: Reveals the location of one difference in the images.
  • Flashlight: Extends the range of vision in Mine mode.
  • Goggles
  • Purple Devil
  • Radar

There are also small pads with faces that fall onto the field occasionally. An effect occurs from stamping these pads, although the exact effects are currently unclear.


Players could purchase avatar items in Shop. They could also purchase different stamps for use in games.