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Welcome to the Guides project of CrazyWiki! Here, you can create and write guides about PopTag!, KartRider, BubbleFighter, AirRider, and other games in the Crazy franchise for other players to use. Please leave a comment on the main Guide discussion page if you have any suggestions on expanding this project!

If you would like to create a new guide, please create it under the namespace "Guide:" (e.g. "Guide:Leaning" for "Leaning"), and don't forget to add it to the appropriate section below. Whenever you link to your guide, use the Guide template. For example, you would link to the article "Guide:Leaning" by using the code "{{guide|Leaning}}".


CrazyRacing KartRider[edit]

CrazyShooting BubbleFighter[edit]

CrazyRacing AirRider[edit]