Golden Adventure Or-ette (KartRider)

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Golden Adventure Or-ette

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Abbr. Gold

Golden Adventure Or-ette (Korean: 황금문명 오르에트; Golden Adventure Or-ette), abbreviated as Gold (Korean: 황금문명; Gold), is a track theme in KartRider. Gold tracks take place in Native American culture-based settings and may have been inspired by stories of the Cities of Gold.


The following items are associated with the Gold theme:





The following characters are associated with the Gold theme:

  • Aereupo (에르포)
  • Bono Jacob (보노 자콥)
  • Boris Jacob (보리스 자콥)
  • Godiuseu (고디우스)
  • Kaphae (카파에)

Battle Mode teams[edit]

The following teams in Battle Mode are associated with the Gold theme:


  • Or-ette Golden Coordinates (오르에트 황금좌표)
  • Discovering the Golden Shrine (황금신전을 찾아서)
  • Shaking Threat (흔들리는 휘협)
  • Godiuseu's Wrath (고디우스의 분노)
  • Legend of the Golden Furnace (전설의 황금용광로)
  • Mystery of the Golden Condor (신비의 황금 콘도르)
  • CSO Aztec (CSO 아즈텍)

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