Dr. R

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Dr. R

File:Dr R KartRider.gif
Dr. R in KartRider

Gender Male
Species Human
Associated themes Reverse
Character bonus • Play Single: RP +50%, Lucci +50%
• Play Team: RP +50%, Lucci +50%
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• Yes [CHN]
• No  [NA]

Dr. R (Korean: 닥터 R; Dr. R) is a character in the Crazy Arcade series.

Design and characteristics[edit]

Dr. R is an older male scientist with pink hair and clothes. He wears glasses with spinning patterns and has a mustache, giving him the appearance of a mad scientist.

In KartRider[edit]

Dr. R is a playable character in KartRider. He is associated with Reverse tracks, as well as the Template:Item item.

In AirRider[edit]

In AirRider, Dr. R is a non-playable character who stands on a box at the eastern section of Boomhill Square. He comments that upon landing at the town square the previous night, his bag fell out, releasing his Lucci everywhere. The Lucci coins can be found scattered throughout Boomhill Square and can be picked up by pressing the Control key.