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Dizzy Pang is one of the five games offered by the Korean version of Crazy Arcade at some point in its history. It is the fourth to have been introduced, following BnB, Tetris, and Hidden Catch. Dizzy Pang featured the same ranking system as all the other games in its line.


Early in its history, Crazy Arcade featured three games in its line: BnB, Tetris, and Hidden Catch. Mplay restructured Crazy Arcade to remove Tetris and add Dizzy Pang. Hidden Catch was permanently removed from the game later on. It is unclear whether Dizzy Pang was removed before or after the introduction of Bz.


Dizzy Pang gameplay

In Dizzy Pang, up to six people can play. Players must direct walking bombs to their opponents' forts, which take damage as a result. This is achieved by placing arrow mats onto the ground. The direction of an arrow is determined by the direction a character is facing when he or she places it. Placing an arrow mat over another replaces it. The game ends when all but one teams' forts have been destroyed.


Playable characters[edit]

Game room

Dizzy Pang brings back three characters from BnB, as well as introducing three new characters exclusive to the game. Each character has distinct stats, which can be divided into three categories: Power (체력), Speed (민첩), and Skill (기술). These stats cannot be altered in any way.

Non-playable characters[edit]

Sometime after the removal of Dizzy Pang, the walking bombs from the game returned as minions in BnB's (now Crazy Arcade's) Monster Mode.


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Players could purchase avatar items in Shop.