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Creepy Hollows

Cemetery KartRider.gif

Abbr. Cemetery
Date introduced 2004-2010 (speculated)

Creepy Hollows (Korean: 공동묘지; Cemetery) is a track theme in KartRider.

It is unclear whether "Cemeteryt", the Cemetery theme's listed English name in the Korean KartRider website, is a typo or not, because the theme's Korean name (Gongdongmyoji, or Public Cemetery) makes no indication of an extra 't' at the end.

Design and characteristics[edit]

As their names suggest, Cemetery tracks take place in spooky, nighttime cemetery settings, often with Halloween themes. They may include ghosts, skeletons, and other Halloween-based creatures.


The following characters are associated with the Cemetery theme:


The following items are associated with the Cemetery theme:


  • Valley of the Ghosts (유령의 계곡)
  • Skeleton Fingers (해골 손가락)
  • Lone Path of Terror (공포의 외길)
  • Hidden Monastery (비밀의 수도원)
  • Fright Fight (유령습격)
  • Satan's Invitation (마왕의 초대)

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 공동묘지 (rr: Gongdongmyoji)

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