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Gender Male
Species Human
Debuted in Counter-Strike
Affiliations SAS
Abbreviated name SAS
Character bonus • 1st place in full Single room: RP +200%, Lucci +50%
• Perfect Win in full Team room: RP +200%, Lucci +50%
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• No  [NA]

CSO SAS (Korean: CSO SAS; CSO SAS) is a playable character in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

CSO SAS is based on a member of the SAS (Special Air Service), a counter-terrorist faction in Nexon's Counter-Strike Online. He wears a gas mask and uniform.

In KartRider[edit]

CSO SAS was released as a playable character alongside its terrorist counterpart, CSO Guerilla.

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese:
  • Korean: CSO SAS (RR: CSO SAS; transl.: CSO SAS)