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Bunny Farm

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Bunny Farm is a map theme in PopTag!. Bunny Farm-themed maps often feature bright garden environments.

In the games[edit]


Bunny Farm maps are mission-based, meaning that the player must win through unconventional methods. The object of Bunny Farm games is to score a certain number of points by capturing bunnies in bubbles and KO-ing them. Bunnies may appear from any of the rabbit holes on the map. Occasionally a golden bunny will appear; it awards multiple points instead of one. If the timer runs out, the team with the most points will win. If a player is knocked out, he or she will revive at a random spawn point after a few seconds.

Tile set[edit]

Map list[edit]

Related items and quests[edit]


Currently, there is no Pangland theme in KartRider.



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