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Brodi KartRider.gif
Brodi in KartRider

Abbreviated name BRODI
Character bonus • 3rd place or higher in Single: RP +40%, Lucci +60%
• Win in Team: Lucci +100%
• Step on Land Mine while riding Template:Kart kart: Lucci +5
Availability • Yes [KOR]
• Yes  [CHN]
• No  [NA]

Brodi (Korean: 브로디; Brodi) is a playable character in KartRider [KOR].

Design and characteristics[edit]

Brodi is a male dressed in a yellow and gray miner's outfit. His face is almost completely obscured by his mining helmet, only revealing glowing red eyes.

In KartRider[edit]

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese: