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The Beast Team (Korean: 비스트 팀) is an AI-controlled opponent team in KartRider's Battle Mode. The team is themed after animals.


  • Aru (Korean: 아루) (Leader): A brown bear with scars on his face. His appearance resembles that of the Bad Bear Pet. [Blue Rabbit Kart]
  • Gwaengi (Korean: 괭이): A yellow tiger with brown stripes. [Lion Kart]
  • Uru (Korean: 우루): A sleepy-looking panda bear. [Panda Kart]
  • Pugi (Korean: 푸기): A blue penguin. [Turtle Kart]

Special attack[edit]

The Beast Team summons large piles of animal dung in the center of the road. Running into one of them causes a player to spin and temporarily lose control of his or her kart as if he or she touched a Banana.

Tips and strategies[edit]

  • Drive along the side of the road to avoid the team's special attack.