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Arctic Rim

Ice KartRider.gif

Abbr. Ice

Arctic Rim (Korean: 아이스리온 랜드; Icerion Land), abbreviated as Ice, is a track theme in KartRider. It is one of the first themes introduced in KartRider.

Design and characteristics[edit]

As their names suggest, Arctic Rim tracks take place in snowy regions. Water hazards are commonly found in these tracks. Many Ice tracks also include cavernous regions.

During the holiday season, Ice tracks receive Christmas-themed aesthetic modifications. Also, instead of playing the standard Ice music, one of several Christmas carols is randomly selected to play during each race.


The following characters are associated with the Ice (or Xmas) theme:

Battle Mode teams[edit]

The following teams in Battle Mode are associated with the Ice (or Xmas) theme:


  • Ice Cave (투명동굴) 2/5
  • Penguin Town (펭귄타운) 1/5
  • Shark's Fin (상어의 무덤) 2/5
  • Cracked Iceberg (갈리진 빙산) 4/5
  • Snow Mountain Downhill (설산 다운힐) 4/5
  • Exciting Halfpipe (신나는 하프파이프) 3/5
  • Broken Iceberg (부서진 빙산) 4/5
  • Penguin Soldiers' Snowball Attack (펭귄전사 눈덩이 공격) 2/5
  • Exciting Wintertime Training Camp (짜릿한 동계 훈련장) 3/5

In other languages[edit]

  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 아이스리온 랜드 (rr: Aiseurion Raendeu; transl: Icerion Land)

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